Myles is an Artificial Intelligence, Voice Recognition, Image Recognition and IoT plaform.

Voice Recognition

Current Speech Recognition systems are extremely limited due to their dependence on cloud.

  • Not ideal for financial.
  • Not ideal for medicine.
  • Can't work offline. 

Zontisa has created a speech recognition platform that works on modern operating systems and doesn’t use the cloud.

  • Minimum Size: 40 MB.
  • Allows Custom Dictionaries.
  • Supports Natural Language.

Did you know?


Doctors spend 50-60% of their time in data entry (EHR).

We are making a better future because our technology can be used by doctors and medical professionals to rapidly create EHR (electronic health records) with their voice.

Our Speech Recognition cap adapt to the voice of the speaker (male or female).

— American Medical Association 2017 —

Biometric Authentication


Myles Chatbot is a program that allows you to maintain a conversation, request information or carry out some action thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence..

Our technology allows your Call Center to work autonomously, saving time and resources.